Golden Circle
page last updated May 11, 2011


  A community focal point for activities for persons who are retired, semi retired, or thinking about retiring, or of any age who like to have wholesome fun, fellowship, and meet friends and enjoy themselves

  A service organization which is governed by a not-for-profit council made up of community volunteers who develop programs and services geared toward meeting needs of persons in the community.  For example:

bullet Home Delivered Meals
bullet Homemaker Services
bullet Respite Services
bullet Transportation
bullet Information & Assistance
bullet Outreach
bullet Health Screenings
bullet Educational Programs
bullet Speakers
bullet Leisure Activities
bullet Congregate Meals
bullet Job Opportunities


 A place where people can get involved in helping others and in sharing their time, talents, and knowledge.

  A place where there is always a friend to be found and a smile to be given and received.

  Special event parties, music, crafts, exercise programs, quilting, pool playing, games, trips, entertainment, etc......

  Hot, nutritious, delicious, noon luncheons featuring home cooked food.  If you like good ole country type food, you will enjoy noon time at the Golden Circle.  How much do the meals cost?  If you are over age 60, the suggested donations are $1.75 to $2.00 for a full meal including beverage and dessert.  If under age 60, it is $3.50 per meal.  No person age 60 or older will be turned away regardless of amount of the donation.

  Want or need more information?  Call the Golden Circle Center and ask for Gloria.  She will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the Golden Circle.  (618) 683-7741

Golden Circle gratefully acknowledges the support of Egyptian Area Agency on Aging, Illinois Department on Aging, FEMA, community organizations, Churches, and individuals, and it's dedicated staff, and councils.